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Confidentiality policy

In light of the development of new communication tools, increased vigilance is required in order to protect our private lives. For this reason, Château Vitallis endeavours to respect the confidential nature of personal information collected via the online contact form on its website.

Contact details for the Data Protection (RGPD) manager at Château Vitallis:

Maxime Dutron
03 85 35 64 42

The collection of your personal information

Château Vitallis collects the following information:

  • Name
  • Email address

Château Vitallis collects personal information through its online contact form and as a result of the interactivity established between yourself and its website. As specified in the following section, the company also uses cookies and/or log files to gather information about you.

The purposes of the collection of your personal information

Your personal information is collected through a contact form.

Château Vitallis uses the information it collects for the following purposes:

  • Promotional offers and information
  • Statistics
  • Contact
  • Website management (presentation, organisation)

Information about you is also collected as a result of the interactivity established between you and the Château Vitallis website, and this per the following means:

  • Statistics
  • Contact
  • Website management (presentation, organisation)

Château Vitallis uses the information it collects for the purposes of correspondence, information or communicating promotional offers.

Log files and cookies

Château Vitallis collects certain information through the use of log files and cookies. The information collected consists primarily of the following:

  • Operating system
  • Pages viewed and requests

The use of such files enables Château Vitallis to compile statistics.

Duration of retention of personal information

Château Vitallis retains your personal information for as long as is permitted by the legal and regulatory provisions in force.

For customers of Château Vitallis: the majority of this information is retained for the duration of the contractual agreement and for a further 10 years after the end of the contractual agreement.

For contacts of Château Vitallis: the information is retained for a duration of three years as of its collection or as of the most recent contact between you and Château Vitallis.

Your rights

In accordance with the regulations in force, you are entitled to exercise the following rights:

Right to access. You are entitled to know what personal information is held and for what purpose it is used. You are also entitled to obtain a copy of any personal data held about you. Your request must be granted within one month of it being made.

Right to restrict the processing of your data: You are entitled to request that the processing of your personal data be restricted.

Right to amend. You are entitled to demand the correction of your personal information if you consider it to be inexact or incomplete.

Right to oppose. You are entitled to oppose the use of your personal information for reasons relating to your personal situation. You have the right to object to the use of your personal information for commercial purposes, including profiling for commercial prospection.

Right to delete. You are entitled to request the deletion of your personal information according to the provisions of the legislation in force.

Right to data portability. Where applicable, this right entitles you to request that your personal data be returned to you or, where technically possible, transferred to a third party.

Right to withdraw your consent. You are entitled to withdraw your consent relating to the processing of your personal data. This right can be exercised at any time, even if you have previously given your consent for its processing.

Right to define instructions relating to the retention, deletion or communication of your personal data, to be enforced in the event of your death.

Right to be informed of any violation of your personal data. This right compels the data controller to inform you of any data violation that represents a significant risk of affecting you.

In order to exercise your rights, please contact Château Vitallis by post, email or directly at the domaine:

106 rue Adrien Arcelin – 71960 Fuissé – France
03 85 35 64 42

Website section:


All personal information collected by Château Vitallis is stored in a secure environment. The company’s employees are required to respect the confidential nature of your personal information.

In order to ensure the security of your personal information, Château Vitallis takes the following precautions:

  • SSL protocol (Secure Sockets Layer)
  • Access management – authorised persons
  • Access management – relevant persons
  • Backup systems
  • Firewalls

Château Vitallis endeavours to maintain a high degree of confidentiality. As such, it uses the latest technologies in order to ensure the confidentiality of your transactions. However, as no mechanism is able to provide complete security, there is always a degree of risk when using the internet to communicate your personal information.


Château Vitallis undertakes to respect the legislative provisions as specified in the RGPD (General Legislation on the Protection of Personal Data).